Things you may want to know or need to know

 This is what your new furbaby has been sleeping in and playing in when he/she can’t be watched. It is
 called an “iris puppy pen”. Walmart online, Wayfair or usually have the best prices. I put a
 pee pad, bed, waterbowl, food bowl and toys in the pen.

 I feed Royal Canin X­small puppy food. You can buy it at a local pet store or,, and many other online stores.. some don’t charge shipping if you spend a
 certain amount.

 Your puppy will come with the following:

 *a baggie of Royal Canin x­small puppy food
 *a fleece blanket made by me
 * a harness vest or dress
 *a couple toys
 *vet records
 *puppy contract
 *a puppy birth certificate

 Things you may need:

 *a pet carrier
 * Toys for your puppy... I like to get different types... stuffed with squeaker, chew toys (no rawhide)...
 rubber/latex toys...just a variety.
 *Pee pads... I prefer the washable ( or
 *water and food bowl ( crock or stainless steel)
* a harness and leash... always use a harness for walking...not just a collar
* Treats for your puppy: raw baby carrots, peeled apples, small pieces of cheese, and/or boiled
 chicken cut in tiny pieces.

You can always text or message or email me. I am always here for you.
I cannot always talk on the phone because these furkids keep me pretty darn busy. lol