Golddust Yorkshire Terrier Breed History

The Golddust Yorkshire Terrier is a mutated breed that was inadvertently produced from the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, the latter of which was recognized by the German kennel clubs in 1989. (It was not initially known as a Golddust Yorkshire Terrier,however, but as the Biewer White Gold when the pedigree was first registered in Germany.) Although the color of the Goddust Terrier- to be was appreciated and popped up inexplicable during the 1980s and early 1990s, it was for a long time simply regarded as an incorrect colored Biewer. Kirsten Sanchez-Meyer, a genetics biology teacher in Germany, was the person who brought the breed to be recognized when she took a professional interest in the recessive gene mutation that was responsible for the specific color that granted the Golddust Yorkshire Terrier its name. She discovered that a Golddust Yorkie was produced when the black and/or brown pigments (called eumelanin; it's also found in humans and its volume determines the darkness of skin) is formed in the skin but not visible. Due to the phenomenon, the reddish-yellow pigment pheomelanin is uniquely visible in the skin and this is what grants the Golddust Yorkshire Terrier his beautiful golden hue. To produce a Golddust Yorkie, one must have one or two combinations: either both parents must be a Golddust Yorkshire Terrier (which will always result in a Golddust), or one of the parents must be a Yorkshire Terrier or Biewer Yorkshire Terrier that possesses the recessive gene and be bred with a Golddust Yorkshire Terrier. In 2007, Sanchez-Meyer bred a sire, Bellini Butch Baron von Klosterbach ( a blue-tan Yorkshire Terrier) with a dam, Sissi Prinzess vom Klosterbach (a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier)  and the result was two Golddust Yorkshire Terrier pups born on October 14. These pups, Alicia Goldshatz vom Klosterbach and Anjalie Goldschatz vom Klosterbach were the first two Golddust Yorkies to be officially registered in Germany and were done so on December 12, 2007. Because of the breed's former name (Biewer White Gold) and due to the allowance of those registered as such prior to the original Golddust papers, registries that recognized the breed by both names allowed owners who had originally registered Golddust Yorkies as "Biewer White Golds" were allowed to change the name. Because of this, there may e some Golddust Yorkies that are older than the above registry date. Goldust Yorkshire Terriers were first shown in the United States by Sharon Brown in August 2009 at the North American Kennel Club (NAKC) Rarities show. The breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club or the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI, translated into English as World Canine Organization).