Golddust standard

Country of origin of the breed Golddust Yorkshire Terrier Germany. 
Golddust Yorkshire Terrier is one of the color variants Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, which was created by gene mutation Yorkshire terriers. Golddust Yorkshire Terrier appeared shortly after the first Biewer Yorkshire as one of several groups, was referred to as "Biewer white gold" as it is written in the studbook. 
Then, because of disagreements color of the breed standard Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, which is permitted only tricolor color (white-blue / black-gold) were the gold-white dogs excluded from breeding, or were in the studbook registered as tricolor, which now requires painstaking research to determine the true colors ancestors. 
Later, thanks to the breeder Kirsten Sánchez-Meyer others Golddust Yorkshire Terrier was recognized as a separate breed with their own standards. 
In addition to quality, which Golddust Yorkshire terrier Saturday shows at shows and in breeding, it is also a great family dog, which despite its size, sturdy, strong and courageous companion. He loves children, is smart, inquisitive and fearless.Not susceptible to disease.

To Golddust puppies were born, both parents must carry the gene, ie. Golddust must either be or have Golddust blízském in origin.



- Small head

- Nose of medium length

- Erect ears

- Eyes medium size, greenish-brown to dark brown

- Nose dark pink spots allowed

- Scissor bite


- Compact, strong, well-proportioned body

- Not too long legs

- Paws Round

- Pink leather with gold flecks


- Nicely carried


- White-gold color, regardless of the distribution (gold color may or may not be in adult animals much brighter, just like gold dust - as in the name "Golddust" = Goldstaub - "gold dust")

- Long hair

- Rich growth

- Strong structure of hair, not too soft


23 cm


about 3.1 kg