Pooh Bear

Paddington Bear RESERVED

Diva and Uno

 due July 4, 2023

AKC Biewer Terriers 

Rossie and Gigolo

December 26 2022

a girl and a boy

​Golddust Puppies

Zsa Zsa and Gigolo

 March 22, 2023

​2 girls and a boy

Golddust  Puppies


Nicholas is available.. 

Looking for his forever family

He is looking to be 4.5-5 lbs grown at this time. He is a bouncy boy and love playing with his puppy friends and human friends  


Gabriella and Rocket

 due June 4, 2023

x-ray says 3 puppies

AKC Biewer Terriers 

EZ and Rocket

 due June 13, 2023

AKC Biewer Terriers 

Eva and Gigolo

 March 23, 2023

2 boys

Golddust  Puppies


​(Spoken for)